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Cut from Corel X7 and Illustrator CC

If you use CorelDRAW, Illustrator or FreeHand — and you need to cut your designs on a vinyl cutter — you could buy expensive sign-making software, learn how to use it, export your designs files, import the designs into your sign-making software and then cut your jobs.

Picture of CoCut 2015 boxOr get CoCut. And cut what you create, where you create it! Simple. And super time-saving. Plus, with no export/import, you won’t duplicate your files, which can be nightmare when keeping track of changes.

CoCut, the world’s number one vinyl-cutting plug-in, works like a printer driver on steroids. Click “Cut” in your design software, and then have complete control over advanced cutting features, like Cut By Color, Auto-Paneling, Add Weed Borders and much more.

Completely Up-To-Date

To be the best, you have to work with the best. That’s why we’re a Corel Solution Partner, part of the Adobe Solutions Network and in the MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network). Here’s what CoCut supports currently:

Version 6 thru X7
Got version 6 thru 9?
Adobe Illustrator
Version 8 thru CC
Version 8 thru MX
Microsoft Windows
from XP SP2, to Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 (32 or 64 Bit).

Easy-To-Install and Configure

Advanced settings can be saved when installing cutters to make future cutting faster and easier.
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Installing CoCut is easy and just takes minutes. Once installed, simply configure your cutters (or cutters if more than one is attached to your computer). Then installs the plug-in in your design programs, automatically, even if you have more than one compatible program. (i.e. you have Illustrator CS2 and CorelDRAW X4; CoCut installs plug-ins in both, allowing you to cut directly from either program.) To see how easy it is to install CoCut and configure your cutter and design software, check the sidebar to the right.

Easy-To-Use Features

  • Duplicate, position, scale objects
  • Supports multiple cutters attached to several ports at one time
  • Cut jobs can be are saved for future re-cutting
  • Cut by color
  • Object contours transformed automatically into cuttable outlines
  • Test cut
  • Saves job history
  • Optionally sets new orgin, or returns to zero point for double-cutting
  • Sets modes and switches cutter automatically from cut to draw, etc.
  • Flexible job-segmenting (paneling) of oversized plots
  • Measure material consumption
  • Vinyl optimization
  • Adds easy-weed borders, optionally. (Lines and Weed Boxes)
  • Reads cutter parameters, such as speed and force, and changes on-the-fly

Like a printer driver on steroids, CoCut’s output options give you complete control over every plotting feature in one convenient window.
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